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Ovid Tools & Widgets can help streamline your users research by making your Ovid subscriptions available at the point of use to your staff and students. This will help you to improve visibility of your subscribed content, facilitate easy access and increase usage. Ovid’s Technical Services team  has access to a wide variety of Tools & Widgets and is available to help you and match your specific needs and content portfolio. Take a look at the examples on this page, and contact support@ovid.com for further assistance.

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Add an Ovid Search Bar

Add your preferred database as a Search Provider


Add an Ovid Search Bar to your Library pages or intranet

Here is a sample of how your Ovid Search Bar could look.

Search Mode: Basic (natural language) Advanced (syntax)

Click the "Select All" button below and then Copy/Paste the code to add the Ovid Search Bar to your own webpage/portal. Add: This example will work for subscribers to our MEDLINE, PsycINFO, Books and Journals products. To receive a Search Bar that matches your Ovid subscriptions, contact support@ovid.com

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Add your preferred database as a Search Provider

Add your preferred database as a Search Provider to your browser by clicking on one of the following links*:

After adding the Search provider you will be able to search directly in the database from your browser. If your preferred database is not listed, or if you want to search a combination of databases please send a request to support@ovid.com