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Training and Support

Whether you're a first-time Ovid customer or an experienced user, Ovid's training and help options can make using Ovid products smooth and efficient. Ovid offers novice, intermediate, and advanced workshops to help you and your organization get the most out of your Ovid experience.

Visit Ovid Online Training to get started.

Library Resource Downloads
For local printing at your site, download customizable flyers, email templates and posters in MS Word, PDF, and other formats to help you promote your library. Ovid logos and other images are available, too.

Template Email – New Ovid Content Announcement
This email is for you (the Librarian) to use at your institution when notifying your end users about new or updated content that you have purchased or subscribed to. There are three (3) versions to suite your varying needs.

Download and print high-quality posters to promote Ovid throughout your library

Ovid Connect to the Best

Make Ovid Yours!

Your Single Search Solution

Ovid Dark Blue Poster

Ovid Discovery (Hospitals)
Ovid Discovery (Libraries)

AudioDigest Platinum Posters and Flyers

Ovid Emcare

Ovid Multimedia Poster

JBI Poster

JBI Tools Poster

JBI Geting Started Poster

Bates’ Visual Guide to Physical Examination 1

Bates’ Visual Guide to Physical Examination 2

Acland’s Video Atlas of Human Anatomy

Visible Body Poster
US (8.5x11) | A4

Lippincott Solutions Posters

12 MB download

Buttons for Your Library Portal
Use the links below to provide users with quick access to your subscribed content. Right-click the desired icon and select "save image as..."

Try Ovid

Try the New Ovid

Try OvidMD


Journals@Ovid on Ovid


Journals A-Z on Ovid

Various Journal Buttons



Books@Ovid on Ovid

Various Books Buttons

Multimedia on Ovid

Multimedia on Ovid

OvidMD Advantage




Ovid Emcare

JBI Resources

JBI Resources on Ovid

JBI Resources on Ovid

JBI Can-Implement

JBI Paces

JBI Rapid

JBI Sumari

JBI Journal Club


JBI Pamphlet Builder

JBI Manual Builder

EMBR on Ovid

All Medical Resources on Ovid

All Resources Button

All Resources on Ovid

APA PsycTESTS® on Ovid

PscyINFO® on Ovid

Biosis Previews® on Ovid

Embase® on Ovid


Browse Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews on Ovid

Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews on Ovid

Ovid Nursing Database

LWW Learning Resources

Acland's Video Atlas of Human Anatomy

Bates' Visual Guide to Physical Examination

LWW Health Library
Anesthesiology Collection

LWW Health Library
Basic and Anatomical Sciences Collection

LWW Health Library
Occupational Therapy

LWW Health Library
Orthopaedic Surgery

LWW Health Library
Osteopathic Collection

LWW Health Library
Pharmacy Collection

LWW Health Library
Physical Therapy

LWW Health Library
Speech, Language and Hearing

LWW Health Library
Surgery Collection

LWW Health Library Advanced Practice Nursing

LWW Total Access

Made Incredibly Easy!®

Made Incredibly Easy!®

Stedman's Online

5-Minute Consult

Visible Body® on Ovid®

VisualDx Buttons

AudioDigest Platinum Buttons

Northern Light Buttons

Maternity & Infant Care


CAB Abstracts




Ovid Nursing Edge

Ovid Search Builder - Pharmacovigilance

Biomedical Research Grants-UberResearch

Lippincott Solutions Buttons

Download and unzip the file below to a folder on your computer and then Click here for instructions on how to set up a custom screensaver on your computer.

Ovid "Word Cloud" Screensaver






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